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Klean Beauty offers high-quality skincare products and devices made with the best technology to provide premium quality solutions.

At Klean Beauty, they are committed to the health and care of their customers' skin. Its mission is to offer you safe products of the best quality to help you restore your skin to a healthier state through its innovative devices.

We have worked with Klean Beauty since they started and the journey with the growth of the brand has been amazing! We are eager to help Klean Beauty continue growing and showing their audience what they have to offer.

What I did for them


6 months

  • Increase 4,500 Followers Organically

  • Increase ~30% Sales Every Month

  • Avg. 25% Engagement Rate

  • Social Media Management

  • Engagement Growth

  • Influencer Management

  • Product Photography

  • Website Development

  • Ad Management

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product photography 

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