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With billions of people around the world spending hours every day online, social media is the top marketing channel to make sales. But with thousands of businesses already on the platform, it takes a lot to stand out. Leave it to us to take your brand to the top with our powerful and innovative marketing strategies.

How it works


Audit, Optimize & Research


Create Strategy & Brand Kit


Develop Content Calendar


Post & Engage


Report & Optimization


Repeat &


Audit, Optimize

& Research



Let us breathe fresh air into your brand as we take the first step towards making your business a social media sensation. Our team of analysts will conduct competitive research to identify and bridge the gap between you and your competitors. We will also audit your accounts and give you recommendations on the next best steps to take.

Develop Content Calendar

Colleagues at Work


To ensure your satisfaction in every post we create, we build a social media calendar for your to review together. We create captivating original social media content that includes a custom graphic design, unique copy-written text complete with powerful CTAs to boost website traffic, effective hashtags, and more.

Report & Optimization

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We won’t throw you random data to interpret alone. You will receive a monthly report on the campaign’s performance illustrating comprehensive data from all your marketing channels. We will analyze data, recommend KPIs, and adjust the marketing plan accordingly.


Create Strategy

& Brand Kit

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​ We craft a professional brand tone, color scheme, and fonts that embody your brand and carry your story flawlessly. We build an intricate marketing plan that targets your business goals and increases your online visibility. We also optimize hashtags in proven ways that translate to results.

Post & Engage



Social Roll will ensure that your customers know how much you care about them by manifesting your availability whenever they need you. We will respond timely to comments, inquiries, and other concerns that increase engagement. For unique questions and requests, we will reach out to you to make sure our responses are accurate.

Repeat &

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Trust us to manage and maintain your marketing campaigns efficiently while you focus on running your business. We also make sure that you can reach us any time for urgent matters by guaranteeing to respond as promptly as we can and even provide you with a contact number to get in touch instantly.


Words Tell

Stories Sell
We believe everyone has a story

that the world wants to hear.

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During our first call, Jing focused her questions professionally and as if she was already part of the team and brand. She took her time to listen, and by the time we were done with our initial call, I felt I had an internal social media marketing team and department. Having Jing's firm by your side will be the best investment your company can ever make, I promise you.

- Marilyn, Founder of Tony & Ava

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