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Influencer Management 



Influencers have gained their followers’ trust and partnering with them means their audience will find your brand credible and trustworthy too. Social Roll can find you real and reliable influencers who have a rich following of audience in your niche. With the right influencers for your brand, you can expand your market reach faster to your target audience.    

How it works


Analyze Your Brand


Research Influencers


Contact & Follow Up


Finalize & Organize


Analyze your brand


We will work closely with you to achieve an in-depth understanding of your goals and create a tailored influencer campaign strategy that targets them. If needed, we can prepare a clear and concise brand-influencer agreement.


Contact & Follow Up

Working with Laptop

Social Roll guarantees a reliable relationship between you and your brand ambassadors as we negotiate collaborations with them. With your approval, we will reach out to them immediately and keep in touch through emails to ensure they deliver content timely. We can also maximize the content they put out by reposting them on your social media accounts.


Research Influencers

Beauty Vlogger

Choosing the wrong influencers means your brand reaches the wrong audience so we make sure to find you the right ones based on insight data. We can also develop posting guidelines for them to follow to ensure they represent your brand best. Full transparency is also guaranteed as we keep you updated through a Google sheet. 


Finalize & Organize

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Upon the completion of the campaign, you will receive a folder containing valuable insights on user-generated content. We will organize everything in a specified google sheet which you will find useful in the future too.

Words Tell

Stories Sell
We believe everyone has a story

that the world wants to hear.

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We need high-quality influencers to help us promote our new clothesline, but we didn't know how and don't have time for it. Jing provided us a lot of advice on how to grow our brand and helped us send out more than 70 products to influencers in 2 months. Jing knows how to reach and communicate with influencers, and she works on our account everyday with close care. Jing is the best marketing person we could ever find in all areas.

- Betty, Owner of Berymbrace

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