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Tony & Ava was founded by Marilyn, a mother who found an adaptive underwear alternative for children with special needs. Tony & Ava's primary goal is to provide confidence and comfort to toilet learners and incontinence sufferers through their tailored fabric underwear.

We are happy to be part of the growth of a brand that offers an innovative solution for parents and children with special needs in such an important stage of child development as potty training.

We are passionate about growing this amazing brand and awareness for a more inclusive world for children with special needs.

What I did for them


6 months 

  • Increase ~2,000 followers organically 

  • Engagement Rate Increase ~30%

  • Social Media Management

  • Engagement Growth

  • Product Photography

  • Website Development

  • Ad Management

  • Graphic Designs

10A (1).jpg

product photography 

During our first call, Jing focused her questions professionally and as if she was already part of the team and brand. She took her time to listen, and by the time we were done with our initial call, I felt I had an internal social media marketing team and department.

Having Jing's firm by your side will be the best investment your company can ever make, I promise you.

- Marilyn, Founder of Tony & Ava

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